…in the beginning…

……we hoped to get started quickly but the beginning ran a long time. It was hard for one of us to get moving without the other – action not being Annie’s strongest suit. Determined roaming in the wildflower fields of multiple choice is not preferred fun for an Activarious Maxima (AM) like Janet,  whose sympathy for her Ponderosa Missus (PM) had always been more than fair. So Janet wrote lists for herself which shortened of course quite quickly, and for Annie as well, which didn’t, and as summer deepens with spent wildflower blossom, the autumn of our departure draws less than 5 weeks hence, and Annie fears she is soon to be sent packing. Image

About The Moles

Although moles hold no particular attraction for us, when we moved to Tasmania in 2003, we lived in Mole Creek. With hopes of fitting in sooner rather than later, we embraced the name in our e-mail account. Now that we are heading off on our globe-trot we thought we'd maintain solidarity with moles and even give them an outing, hence the curious id.... -And since Annie's late Mum, Gwen, was pleased to call herself Molesmama, she's coming too. Not lost on us is the marvellous ambiguity inherent in the word and the notion that very little is known about these small, sleepy, dark-dwelling creatures....
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1 Response to …in the beginning…

  1. Denise Taylor says:

    Will be in UK from 6 May till about 11 June, than Paris for 6 days . will we cross paths? Denise x

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