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A Xmas in Sicily…a winter hideout

Italy, like Greece, objects to austerity. So when our flight to Italy from Ireland via London was delayed 5 hours thru national strike action in Italy, we readily agreed with Union Italia that austerity sucks… Milan turned on a cold, … Continue reading

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After our U.S. odyssey we let our inner Celt have her Banshee head. She’d been weeping and wailing for Ireland the whole time since we’d left the Dingle Peninsular six weeks before, having spent only a single intriguing day and … Continue reading

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From Big Easy to Bootleg…..

  Mississippi River running sweet and wild, running like a slippery dip, aslidin’ side to side, dancing Dixie round the Basin, jelly-rolling round the waist in hot cuisine of New Orleans our Mamas never got to taste like catfish over … Continue reading

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Nibbling the Apple…..

  Our “cosy in Brooklyn” loft was full of charm and lots of pre-Halloween welcoming goodies. It sat atop a traditional brownstone-fronted apartment in a tree-lined street with flower pots on the front steps. Never mind that we were the … Continue reading

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beware of the risen people…

English dominion over Ireland, dates from the 12th Century, when Ireland still comprised small, brash, warring Gaelic-Norse kingdoms, and while its Celtic character had yet to fully engage with St. Patrick’s already five centuries-old gift of Catholicism. Why the English … Continue reading

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We arrived in the North by ferry from Scotland en sharpish route to spend a week in coastal Donegal via Belfast and Derry. With limited time, and being very near the Belfast Botanical Gardens, we decided to go there, where … Continue reading

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Och aye the noo….C’mon the Great Scots!

Havin a Highlands Fling What faeries do in their dells on the Isle of Skye <img class=”size- Now folks, just a wee bit a history-in-a-nutshell:….When Romans ruled Britannia from the first Century AD, Scotland was never entirely part of the … Continue reading

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Ahoy to the green and pleasant land

Despite the Rail Workers Union’s stoush threatening to stop the French trains, we made all our connections and saved our no-claim bonus from another near miss. Next day our uncrowded Brittany Ferries’ catamaran sailed us 3 hours from Normandy’s bare … Continue reading

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…stretching the French connection….

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early June, 2013. Three months ex-Oz…. Coustouge It is a precious thing, when you are a stranger in a strange land, to be given the opportunity to stay with people who live there. Coustouge, a small community in south-eastern France, … Continue reading

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Adios Espanya – hasta la vista…

Our Spanish adventure is over. I must say we enjoyed the northern half better than the southern. Remember when the south of Spain was the place to be? But even 40 years ago I liked the north much more than … Continue reading

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