Dubious Dubai from Janet

The Economic ego of the Emerati dwarfs their amazing architecture. Dubai has now developed to the point that it no longer relies on its oil generated income – as long as the world visits and spends lots of money it will remain wealthy. The extreme heat, and dry dust storms off the desert cast a thick haze over the city’s most iconic landmarks, however they are very beautiful especially at night. Wednesday was the best day, when it is WOMEN and CHILDREN ONLY DAY at Jumierah beach. Thank Allah it is not compulsory to take children! So Annie and Janet jumped off the Big Red Bus and had a big swim in the Gulf of Oman. Bliss. And not an abaya or niqab to be seen. Boy – those Russian women haven’t any hang ups about their bodies! Very voluptuous verandahs of flesh.

20140315-220817.jpg      image

Another iconic landmark that impressed me is the AIRCONDITIONED bus stops! Men on one side and women on the other. At first we thought they were for traditional women, or in some way exclusive, but if you’re that exclusive, who needs buses?
Do Traditional Emerati men (wearing keffiyeh – elegant long white robe/dress) perspire rose water as they walk among us ordinary folk? Actually they don’t perspire at all, especially the passport controllers, soooooo slowwww it almost became soooooo humorous – except we were not laughing – our bags being the only ones left on the baggage carousel by the time we got through!!

Dubai, Dubai,
of course you’d like to buy –
the moon, the stars, the sun
could all be yours.
Dubai, Dubai,
the whole world comes to buy
your wildest dreams await you in our stores


Dubai –

you’ve never seen a desert
grow so much wealth and splendour
it lives to kiss the sky,
outshine the stars,
and build a shiny shopping mall or 2 on Mars –

(To the tune “Tonight” from West Side Story with Annie’s apologies to Leonard Bernstein)

About The Moles

Although moles hold no particular attraction for us, when we moved to Tasmania in 2003, we lived in Mole Creek. With hopes of fitting in sooner rather than later, we embraced the name in our e-mail account. Now that we are heading off on our globe-trot we thought we'd maintain solidarity with moles and even give them an outing, hence the curious id.... -And since Annie's late Mum, Gwen, was pleased to call herself Molesmama, she's coming too. Not lost on us is the marvellous ambiguity inherent in the word and the notion that very little is known about these small, sleepy, dark-dwelling creatures....
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3 Responses to Dubious Dubai from Janet

  1. bets says:

    dear darlinks. can almost hear your beautiful voices chortle the above poetical tune…. wished i was there to ogle at the gals…. can’t wait for the next update. all good in your gorgeous home. let ruth know to email you asap. went to festival of golden words to listen to the entertaining wendy harmer on internet issues and phil nitschke on his beliefs and his latest book which we later purchased and got signed …. now off to reading his wisdom. lots of love bets and family

  2. Those Russian women are the same on the west coast of Turkey!

  3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tpavaM62Fgo#t=48 I thought you both might appreciate this, while you’re in a musical mood. 🙂

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