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Although moles hold no particular attraction for us, when we moved to Tasmania in 2003, we lived in Mole Creek. With hopes of fitting in sooner rather than later, we embraced the name in our e-mail account. Now that we are heading off on our globe-trot we thought we'd maintain solidarity with moles and even give them an outing, hence the curious id.... -And since Annie's late Mum, Gwen, was pleased to call herself Molesmama, she's coming too. Not lost on us is the marvellous ambiguity inherent in the word and the notion that very little is known about these small, sleepy, dark-dwelling creatures....

Molesagoza to Zaragosa

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Barcelona por favor….

Barcelona. We rented a little apartment from Federico for 9 days in the inner suburb of Villa Gracia. It proved very handy to the beautiful old city of Barcelona, the fiercely proud capital of Catalonia, eternally opposed to all forms … Continue reading

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Night Train To Konya….

Imagine you have just been chased along the railway platform by an angry toilet attendant because you missed seeing his little window saying “WC one lira”. The one lira does not guarantee cleanliness, toilet paper or paper towel but you … Continue reading

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On the Great Turkey hunt….

Hey Folks, I need to say straight off! (Ross) It was only apple tobacco and the pipe was too long and my lungs too short! Good fun just the same. Pammukale, the Travertines, absolutely beautiful. Our lovely host dropped us … Continue reading

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Istanbul/not Constantinople…

Roaming in the doming…Where else but Istanbul could roaming in the doming ever be more bluemosqueful? Every skyline swell and curve tickled both our optic nerves when we went blithely roaming in the doming…. Janet agrees: “Istanbul, was Constantinople/ been … Continue reading

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Dubious Dubai from Janet

The Economic ego of the Emerati dwarfs their amazing architecture. Dubai has now developed to the point that it no longer relies on its oil generated income – as long as the world visits and spends lots of money it … Continue reading

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Ahhhh Singapore….Janet’s little adventure

Singapore is great for shopping – if you’re a size 6! Needless to say it was very easy to deny ourselves the privilege. Public transport is great and not overly crowded, very cheap Ezilink passes lived up to their name. … Continue reading

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The day before

   2 exhausted little moles arrived in Melbourne yesterday. We are now in the intensive care unit at Beth and Susan’s, the Bella’s of the Bellarine Peninsula! Intensive laughing, intensive eating drinking, packing unpacking, resting un resting. Zzzzzzzz…waking in time for … Continue reading

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…3 weeks later…

Being fairly fussy Moles and new to blogging, we are a bit shy about posting these instalments until they are just right. It’ll get easier we are sure, but for the moment, we’re open to being cut some slack. The … Continue reading

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…in the beginning…

……we hoped to get started quickly but the beginning ran a long time. It was hard for one of us to get moving without the other – action not being Annie’s strongest suit. Determined roaming in the wildflower fields of multiple choice … Continue reading

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